Thursday, 1 May 2014


 I was really excited to see the delivery man yesterday.
He brought this really big box to my door...

 Opened the box to this!
Very pretty so far...

 It's a lamp shade that I ordered a few weeks ago
on a Melbourne web site...

They sent me a small sample of the fabric that I liked,
(as well as few others I had chosen)
easy, peasy to order once I finally made up my mind...

 I needed a really large shade for this old video camera
stand that hubby used to use in his video production days...

 These type of lamps seem to be all over the place now,
but are all flimsy copies.
This is a solid wood one that has chunky metal bits...

 and original leather tie straps on it...

I'm so loving how it turned out!
What do you think?


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