Tuesday, 12 August 2014


My blog mojo was gone.
The bugger went away and decided to hide for a while.
I did look for it.
How and low, but a no show.
Hopefully it's back for a while.

I will be posting info about places we will be visiting on our tour in 2015.
I hope that those that have visited these cities will remember with
joy and be in anticipation of returning again to make new memories.
And those visiting for the first time, I hope the descriptions have your
minds all agoggle with anticipation, much excitement.

**First up...Florence**
The beautiful and ancient city of Firenze with her soft-coloured
buildings and skyline of spiky church spires spreads
along the banks of the River Arno.
Her colourful history stretches back to 59 BC when she was
first settled as a Roman colony, quickly becoming an
important hub of trade and commerce.
It is as an artistic centre, however, that Florence is most famous.
During the Middle Ages, she was home to some of the
greatest Renaissance artists and intellectuals,
and today remains one of the art capitals of the world.

**Michaelangelo's David**
In 1501 Michaelangelo (1475-1564) was commissioned
by theArte della Lana (the Guild of Wool Merchants)
to create a statue of David.
The work became one of the most famous and brilliant
renditions of a much reproduced subject, and is still today
one of the world's most recognized sculptures.
Michaelangelo broke from the traditional representation of
David seen after his victory, and chose instead to depict the
young man in the moments before his fight with Goliath.
He stands visibly tense and perceptibly concentrating on his
impending confrontation; a figure that is both beautifully
crafted physically, and also full of psychological depth.
He is the ultimate symbol of bravery and power, both being
qualities reflective of the city of Florence.

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