Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sunny Barcelona...

La Rambla in Barcelona.
The main strip, which is quite wide, and very long.
Lots of restaurants, stores where to spend your euro.
People aplenty walking this area at all hours.
Artists trying to tempt tourists into purchasing original  artworks.

The start of La Rambla.
Once we had familiarised ourselves with some of the city,
we became quite disappointed with the restaurants
along the touristy street.
Food not all that authentice and pricey as well.

This is the torch that was lit for the start of the
Barcelona olympic games. 1992?

Part of the olympic area in the city.

We call it his jaunty hat!

We decided that the architect must have been smoking some
strange ciggies to come up with the design of this building!

The architectually surprising church of
Sagrada Famiglia.
The are still finishing off the construction of the building.

We travelled one hour from Barcelona by train to find the town of
Tarragona, where we wanted to see the ancient ruins of a
Roman city.
Along the way some amazing views made the trip worthwhile.

Roman ruins we came to see.
Very impressive.

Natures picture frame for the ocean view.

Lotsa lumpy bumpy stairs.

Taking some of these photos freaked me out.
Those who know us, will know that Fred has really bad peripheral vision,
basically none at all.
So, I asked him not to move one inch whilst taking this photo, as I
was worried about him falling down the stairs.

Unearthed ruins.

Sunny day. Again.

Time for break.
All the walking is sooooo tiring, especially in the heat.

What, no escalators?

It's all about the detail, and this detail is beautiful and rusted to perfection.

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