Monday, 2 July 2012

Mosaic art...

We went to see Park Guell on our last day in Barcelona.

Park Güell was commissioned by Eusebi Güell who wanted to create
a stylish park for Barcelona aristocracy.
The park contains amazing stone structures, stunning tiling and fascinating buildings.
Gaudí was strongly influenced by natural shapes and used them in his work.

Had to walk up this very steep hill...
"I think I can, I think I can"...

I made the stupid mistake of climbing the very narrow steps, just visible
to the right, with no handrail.
Got to the top, and for someone who doesn't really like heights,
it seemed really high!
Had to sit. And contemplate how I was going to get down.
Fred said he would hold my hand, but he has really, really bad peripheral vision.
(not sure if I have mentioned this)
So on top of fearing for my own life, I was really upset about him having to go back
down without me holding his hand!
In the end, I sent him down, spent a few minutes going over my choices,
and finally asking a man if he could hold my hand until I had sat on the first step.
No elegance about it, or pride, but I got down, vowing not to do something like that again!

Loved the mosaic.
But it was soooo hot and hard to stay focused and
appreciate the art around me...


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