Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pics around town...

Welcome to the opulence of Harrods.
It blew my mind!
Everywhere, and I really do mean everywhere you look there is gilding, over the top decorating,
and very expensive items to tempt you.

Notice the rich and exotic Egyptian theme?

I loved loved loved the beautifully set out items.
This is the tea section.
I was drooling at all the photo worthy settings.
Hubby gave up following me around constantly stopping to take photos.
He found the book section and happily spent time there.

How many silver teapots can you stack?

Mad, mad tea party.

The caviar bar.
And teeny tiny bottles of vodka to go with the caviar of course!

One of the food halls.
There is a themed hall for various groups of food.
Each one decorated to within an inch of its life.
Everywhere you look, around every corner there is a photo worthy setting.
I could't take enough photos to show you all the details.
I tried really hard, but I started to hyperventilate from the effort.
If you like seafood as much as I do, then this picturesque
section would excite you as well.

Difficult to tell by the photo, but the green/brown blanket is sooooo soft.
I ran my hand over it and sighed in delight.
Then I looked at the tag in hope.
Bargain! On sale!
From 15,000.00 pounds down to 12,000.00 pounds.
(OMG is all that was going through my mind)

Fresh almonds still in their shells from far off lands.

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