Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Our beautiful day...

Her sister could not stop smiling, even when she was crying...
I may be biased, but I have never seen a bride and groom look soooo happy!
I couldn't tear my eyes away from them.
If you were to ask me what the gallery looked like all set up for the wedding,
I could not tell you.

I walked into the ceremony with my son, sat down and as soon as the
bridal party started to walk in, I could not stop looking for my daughters face.
She kept it together.
Until it was time for her vows.
I was okay until I heard the song to which the bridesmaids walked in.
I was very surprised at myself.
Started shaking and started crying.
But with such happiness that it's hard to explain...
Michaels mum and dad organised doves for the couple as a surprise...
(lots more pics to come)
(of course)...

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