Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wonderful town of Bath...

After picking us up from Gatwick airport, we drove with Kerrie and Shane
to the wonderful town of Bath.
We were really tired, but we did some sightseeing anyways.
*the area called Royal Crescent
*feet planted on Bath cobblestones
*garden pixie?

Garden where we decided to have "afternoon tea".

The kind waiter making us a wonderful English afternoon tea, including
tea in a pot!

Lovin' these teeny tiny daisies.
I cannot help taking pics of nature that is the most unusual locations.
"Nature always finds a way", quote from Jurassic Park...

The very, very old Roman Baths.
The last pic is of the Emperors own personal bath!

Hair do of the day.
Very chic...

I am standing on a glass walkway that is over a sarcophegous.
Hubby enjoying a hologram film of how life used to be back in the day.

Jewellery and coins found on site...

A teeny tiny bit excited about finding a Christmas store.
I love buying new decos for the kids every year...

Look at who I ran into?

*the garden of the house we were staying in
*me, the next morning, up early, wrong time on my body clock
*hubby hanging out in the formal lounge of the house

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  1. Bath is one of my favourite places ever. I have been there a few time and it is just so beautiful... I love it... love your pics ...


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