Friday, 12 July 2013


I have come from our overseas trip all fired up.
With joy and much enthusiasm!
My eyes were so over whelmed with what there was to see.
So many beautiful sights that, at times, I was very emotional about the journed that we were on together.
Hubby told me I kept saying "wow" a lot...
I am so blessed to be able, at this time of life, to be able to spend so much time with my man, 
and enjoying so much of the world together.

We did not travel overseas at all before we had the kids, and made the concious decision
to do it after the kids were old enough.
In between, we started a new business, had school fees and all the stuff that goes with
having 3 kids at school.
All their sporting/musical and social activities.
And then they started part time jobs, so that takes time driving them to and from as well.
But you know what?
It has all flown by in the blink of an eye.
Literally just rushed by us.
Now, we go away, and they help run the business while we are away, they look after each other,
cook, look after the house and basically behave like the great adults they have become.

We also made a decision that if we have the opportunity to travel, we will.
We are extremely lucky to have both sets of parents still, and although they are getting older,
they are still well enough that we don't need to be here all the time for them.
We figure, that perhaps, the time will come when we will be needed at home a lot
more for them, so, while we can, we travel.

As we were travelling around through Tuscany, it struck me.
The beginning of an idea that grew more and more with each sight I saw, and each pic I took.

This is my next big adventure...
So, in my head, are plans for a scrapbooking retreat to this fabulous place.
I scouted around, got all the information, tasted all the food, and came home with
so many details and ideas that my little head is about to explode!
Looking at mid 2015, and of course, there are so many details to organise but it is
such a magical place on this earth that you cannot help but be inspired by it all. 

As I mentioned, lots more to come.
But if you think you might like all the info sent out to you eventually, let me know
and I will put you on a list of those interested.

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  1. OOoooh Lucy .. this sounds absolutely fabulous ... please put me on your mailing list ... it could be part of my dream come true .... hugz Annette x


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