Saturday, 1 June 2013

You show me yours #1...

This is a new challenge.
What are the rules?
I send you a new image once a month, you scrap it.
That's it!
You put it up on your blog, and link back to this blog.
You also link other participants.
Simply their names which I can pass onto you.
Easy, peasy.
Sound like something you want to join, let me know...
This is our first pic.
It is titled "Tiara", so just use that as a title for your blog heading...

My take on the challenge...

I think she has a very regal look about her...

Participants in this challenge.
Go check out their blogs and see how they interpret the image...


  1. My word have made a real Royal looking page for our very first challenge! I just love the image and look forwards to the fun we will have in this group...Thank you and Heather once again for including me as well!!!

  2. Gorgeous hunnie, love your page :) Mine is nearly done ;)

  3. Ohh...I would really like to join, think it could be a good thing for the craftingmojo as well :D! A tiny q..IF the mojo goes blank to create a LO, is it possible to do a card or an alter instead???
    Hugs Eva/ScrapFia

    1. Not a problem Eva, send me your email and I will post the picture to you.
      talk soon, Lucy

  4. Lucy, would love yo join you on this challenge!

  5. Hi Lucy!!!
    I would love to join too!!!

  6. Hi Lucy,

    Great layouts and challenge. I have emailed you directly about getting the photo but have not heard back.

  7. I would love to join in too Lucy if possible, all your pages are so very inspirational!!

  8. Hi Lucy. Heather told me about this challenge and I would also love to join in. I have the image and am making a card with it. Will send you an email as well. ox

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I really would like to join the group! Can I just start or do I need a invitation first? Where do I post the link? Bye bye have a nice day, greetings from Swizterland

  11. Finally finished mine


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