Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What is that smell?

What is the story behind this photo?
Why are we carrying our clothes around in plastic bags?
We get off the plane in London, meet Kerrie and Shane, and drive to Bath.
Get to our accommodation but too early to check in, so leave our bags in storage at hotel, and go sight seeing.
Get back to hotel eventually and pick up our luggage.
Carry it all the way up four flights of stairs (old house, no lift) and dump luggage in room
Go to unpack.
What is that smell?
Smell suitcase (which is still closed at this stage) and nearly die from the stink.
It smells like sardines left out of the fridge for a week!
Must have had a box of frozen fish sitting on our luggage in the plane, that probably started to
thaw out and leak every so conveniently on our suitcase.
Lucky, none of our clothes were infected with these juices (yuck), only a spare backpack
we had sitting on top of our things in the suitcase.
Dragged the stinky thinks all the way down the stairs to the garden, and the lady in the hotel
gave us a big bucket of soapy water to try and get the smell out.
No luck!
Had to throw the suitcase and backpack out, just stinky, stinky, stinky.
Pissed because I loved that suitcase, it had been on so many adventures with me.
So, the next day we leave Bath with all our worldly possessions in plastic bags.
Tres' Chic!
We get Liverpool, famous landmark of the Beatles, and arrive at our hotel
with plastic bags in hand.
We were cacking ourselves laughing.
Had to go and buy a new suitcase, and ditch our bags.
Shane of course, told us we looked like hobos, and one of the young ladies
working at the hotel asked us why we were carrying plastic bags around.
Lol is life...


  1. Oh my...Sorry but I have to laugh...LOL!!! Not a very pleasant experience, but certainly entertaining!

  2. Oh God what a drama! Sounds like fun at the time (not). You will remember that day for sure.

  3. This must have been hell, the moment you found out!!! SO SO lucky you that it didn't leak through in your clothes!!


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