Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Organised or anal?...

Been doing some organising of things around my house.
I like to live in fairly "everything in their place" kinda place.
Unlike some people in my house.
Can't be helped, but reining in some of the stuff, sorta helps.

Do you neatly fold clothes to be ironed into a basket, only to have some child scavenge through
the mentioned basket only to leave everything looking like a bad garage sale?
Well, I was sick of it.
So, I put this metal rod the whole length of my laundry up, and now, anything that
needs to be ironed comes straight off the line, onto a hanger, and on the rod.
I really don't iron all that often, so, if anyone wants something, they see it and iron it.
Working out much better for me.
And that people, is all that counts...
Another little (?) thing that annoyed the hell out of me was sorting through
a bunch of mis matched socks.
Honestly, where tf do they go?
So, made a mini clothes line on my laundry wall, now any missing socks can be
easily found when folding socks after washing.
If any hang around too long, and wear out their mis matched welcome,
in the bin they go.
Harsh maybe, but necessary!

Like me, if you don't see your stamps, you don't use them?
Bought these metal cutlery holders, put hooks on the wall to hold em' up,
ta da!
Stamp shelving!
Love it, and only took me about 15 mins...

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