Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dinner tonight...

My version of lamb in pastry.
I used lamb fillet, quickly panfried.
Only sealed, not cooked through.
Let it cool completely, you don't want warm food near cold pastry...
Into a food processor I through in a couple slices of bread, onion, garlic, mint, parsley,
thyme, mushrooms and lightly chopped.
Not mushy!
Mixed through some toasted pinenuts.
Let it cool completely.
Spread evenly over each piece of lamb, which is place in the
middle of a sheet of puff pastry.

Make a wash of one egg and tiny bit of milk.
Start folding one side, brush the eggwash over, and just
keep folding & brushing each side.

Parcels all folded, and placed on baking paper lined trays.
(fresh pepper over top if you like)

Ta Da!
All golden brown & crispy after baking for about 30 mins.

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