Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ciao Firenze, now onto Venezia...

Last scrapbooking class in Florence, then scrapbooking
class on the train to Venice.

Sitting on the steps of the canal, with a magnificent church as a backdrop,
enjoying wine, cheese, grissini sticks and yummy salami for dinner.
All for 6euros for 2 people.
Yes, 2 people!

1. our amazing hotel, right on the canal
2. foyer chandeliar
3. staircase and beautiful flowers
4. to the bar thankyou!
5. scrapbooking next to the bar. how handy!
6. another class view
7. comfy and peaceful sitting area
8. still scrapbooking. another sippy?
9. one of the girls provided yummy mini cannoli for munchies in class

I took a night time stroll, and found lottsa good stuff to photograph.
The lights give details a different look...

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