Sunday, 9 September 2012

Time to reflect...

 The night was filled with joy for the future.
It also high lighted past times.
I was so proud of how much our daughter has grown, and she showed this
in such an amazingly brave way last night.

She had a problem a few years back with an eating disorder.
At the time, she was very reserved, private and on some level,
ashamed of the situation.
She didn't want outside people to know about it.

It took many weeks of medical intervention, and much strength
on her part to even get a "hold" on the situation.

She met Michael at a time when "recovery" was in our sights, but the illness was
still an everyday presence.

I had no idea who in Michaels family/friends knew of her situation, but last
night she made a speech that surprised her father and myself.
It brought me to tears of pride.

She wanted to thank Michael for being the strong and loving man that he is,
who helped her through some terrible moments in her life.

He is a man who has given us back a daughter who is in better health,
a daughter who smiles and laughs a lot more,
a daughter who is a lot calmer in difficult situations,
and a daughter who is excited with her future.
Her future together with him...
 *2 families become 1 with some bubbly & a toast
*hubbys parents
*my parents

Our kids are very lucky to have all four grandparents still in their lives.
And the grandparents all looked sufficiently proud & happy for all of them.
All their children & grandchildren celebrating together...

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