Sunday, 15 July 2012

You can quote me...

 I hit the big 5-0 next month.
I like to think that I have gained some wisdom along the way.
I like to think that I know more about life than I did one year ago.
I like to think that I know more about life than I did 10 years ago.
I positively know more about life before marriage and having kids.
 Nothing is certain and forever.
So we are told.
But I do know that some things can be more certain than others.
It's a certain fact that I will love my children for as long as I breathe.
Maybe even after that, but no certainty there.
No matter how much they may piss me off, I will take a deep breathe,
and try to understand them, and love them still.

 It's a certain fact that I have grown more patient with age.
You have to, otherwise you may go stark raving mad.
And I already spend too much time at the hairdressers getting
de-greyed, so anything that stops that process can only be good.
 It's a certain fact that gravity is taking it's toll on my body.
But that's okay.
Some days I can even laugh at it!
I now know, in all my wisdom, that some good people don't 
have the choice of getting older and enjoying life with their family.
So, life and body chased by gravity?
Or, no life?
Not such a tough choice really.
 I know for certainty that travelling to different countries and experiencing
all sorts of cultures has made me a better person.
I fully appreciate my home all the more.
I love coming home to my family, all the space we enjoy, the freedoms,
the choices that I can make.
 I am certain that I don't know everything.
I am certain that I will never know everything no matter 
how long I may live.
 I am absolutely certain that I love where I am in life
right now.
The person that I am now has certainly been shaped by the events
and people that are in my life.
I accept that now, and can finally step back and say,
"This is me world, like it or lump it"...
 I am certain that I will make stupid mistakes in the future.
Possibly as soon as tomorrow!
But I am certain that I am better able to deal with them now
than I have ever been able to before.
 I am positively certain that some chapters in my life are forever closed.
But that new ones will open up to me, and perhaps in
a most surprising ways.
I really do love the twists and turns of life, but somedays
boring and constant is a good thing as well.
I am certain that I will try, no matter how difficult some days,
to be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and woman.
Doesn't mean I will succeed.
Most of the fun on this journey is watching how we become
a different version of ourselves.
Love that about life...

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