Sunday, 15 July 2012

 Wanna bit of a laugh?
Go check out the following upcoming
movie trailers.
If you are a drama or action movie freak like me,
I have included some of those as well.
(it's sad I know, but when I can't sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning,
like right now, I go check out future movie trailers..._

Celeste and Jess forever.

The Bourne Legacy.

Hope Spring.
(gotta love a Meryl Streep movie)

(60s girl group movie)

(based on freaky real life)

The Odd Life of Timothy Green.
(desperately wanting to be parents miracle)

Robot and Frank.
(quirky and different)

Ruby Sparks.
(super quirky story)

The Possession.
(only if you like spooky)

For a Good Time, Call...
(slightly smutty good times)

Hotel Transylvania.
(cartoon fun for the child in us)

(past/future mind play)

Won't Back Down.
(tough mamas take on the system)

Taken 2.
(loved the first one)

Pitch Perfect.
(hee hee)

Here Comes the Boom.
(made me smile)

Alex Cross.
(love the books)

The Sessions.
(can't wait for this utterly different story)

(Denzel, yeah baby)

(007, yeah baby)

Anna Karenina.
(sumptuous beauty)

Breaking Dawn, part 2.

(long, long list as I'm still awake and no sign of going to bed just yet, 
it's 6:16am, been up since 2:30am, and really should 
be sleeping in my warm bed. Merde!)

Silver Linings Playbook.
(head space movie)

Rise of the Guardians.
(he's a cartoon, but it's still Hugh Jackman baby)

Hyde Park on Hudson.
(sweet bygone love and romance)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
(fantastic fantasy)

Les Miserables.

This is 40.
(if people weren't sleeping right now, I would be 
laughing very loudly)

Jack Reacher.
(I enjoy the books, so will look forward to this action)

Django Unchained.
(Foxx, Di Caprio what's not to like?)

The Great Gatsby.
(sumptuous and much anticipated)

Might go to bed now that it's 6:45am, and read
for a while. 
See if that can send me to nod land!

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