Saturday, 7 July 2012

Romeo, Romeo...

Took the train from Venice out to romantic Verona.
The home of Romeo and Juliet.
Very hot day but lots of people out, and most of them were at the
Juliets house, soaking up the young love.

You know you have reached the house of Juliet not only by the huge crowd of tourists,
but also all the "love messages/wishes" graffiti at the entrance.
All over the walls and gates, layer upon layer, people have written their
wishes and names, all in the name of love.

As in the romantic chick flick Letters to Juliet, you are able to
leave a letter, to Juliet, in the special mail box, hoping for your wishes
and dreams of love to be answered.

Hundreds & hundreds of locks, initials on them, attached to the gates.

And on the trees that have signs on them that ask not to hang locks on them!

Many colours.
Many wishes.

Hubby hanging a lock up for me.

Just like Romeo, he climbed up for me...

The pink one below the gold one is ours.
I've kept the key to it, and hoping that it will still be there when I go
back in October so that I can bring it home.

One is Juliet, and one is me...

Juliets balcony...

More graffiti on the way out.

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