Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lots of interest...

I had many people enquire about our plans future overseas scrapbooking retreats.
Lots of oohs and ahs.
And even some excited squels!
Also some hurried dragging of friends to come and get the info from me.
Many people had no idea that this sort of retreat was available.
Well, I was there to tell them about it.
The fun we have, the scrapbooking that we do.
Many of my clients are repeat clients, and wish to be kept in the loop 
regarding any new trips.
Well, this year, for those not in the know, is to Italy & Paris.
Yep, so far there is 17 of us heading off in October for some sightseeing
and lots of fun .
Still room if you might be interested, just email me for details.

The plans for next year are to Cambodia & Vietnam.

Let me tell you.
 I have now been 7 times to Vietnam, and still no sight of getting tired of it.
I have been once to Cambodia, and I just gotta' tellya.
Stunning stunning and stunning is all I can say about it.
The temples have to be seen to be believed.

Next on our wish list is Turkey.

I am doing some intensive research on the country.
Everything looks fab-u-lous.
I have an expert on the country giving me lots of advice and good information.
Probably add a quick couple of days to Greece while there, 
after all, it's just across a little bit of ocean.
Looks just as enchanting and spesh.

Anyhow, lots to check on and figure out in the meantime.
But all looks great and exciting...

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  1. looks like a lotta fun ..... I received Lindas journal today .. she has been ill with the flu , poor darling .... her journal is outstanding .. sooooooooooooo arty .... love and hugz x


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