Sunday, 12 February 2012

Yay...Yay...and Yay...

I know. I know. Haven't been here for a while. No excuses. 
Just no blogging mojo. But hopefully it's back.
Anyhows, lots to tell. All exciting. Give you a hint.
Can you guess?
Well I am lucky enough to be visiting each of the cities represented in the photos.
Hubby and I are going in June of this year to Paris, London, Barcelona,
Venice, back to Paris, Saigon and then home.
I am sssoooooo excited!
We were offered some super cheap airline fares, and thought "why not?".
We both really wanted to go back to Paris, as the few days we spent there in 2007/08 just
whet our appetite to see more of it.
London, well we have never been there, so we did some research, and had
friends who went there last year, so it went on our list.
Barcelona. It was featured on some travel show recently.
More research, sounds amazing. On the list!
Venice, well it left such an impression with us the first time, that there
was no leaving that off our list of "must see again".
Saigon is a stop on the way home, so we thought one night there would be great.
We both know the city well, and like seeing it again. Also breaks up the long flight.
This trip was totally out of the blue, but nowadays our thinking is
life is short, so enjoy it, and fit in as much travelling as we can.
Kids are all old enough now, our youngest turned 20 yesterday, so life is good.

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