Sunday, 12 February 2012

Retreat is all go...

The scrapbooking retreat to Italy/Paris, in October this year, is going ahead.
(Yay, yippee, happy dance, jumping for joy)
I confirmed with clients today who is most definitely coming,
the numbers are good, so it's all happening.
The clients are excited, as you can imagine as some of them have
never been to europe before.
They will have someone organising everything for them, someone guiding
them who can speak italian, and they get to scrapbook as well.
What's not to be excited about!
My trip in June, with my hubby, will allow me to research some of the
accommodation, places where we will be visiting, and best places to have drinks,
food, chocolate and icecream.
Someone has to check out these things, as I couldn't possibly allow my clients
to have a bad experience. (that's my story anyway lol)

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