Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My baby is back...

My baby girl got back tonight. Yay!
She has been in Italy for the last 3 weeks, (how sad) while
studying italian.
She had a ball, and it all sounds wonderful.
So many wonderful experiences and memories for her.
Now, not that many years ago, I would have been anxious the whole
time one of my kids were not home.
Not any more baby!
I knew she was safe, and all the kids looked out for each other which is so
important as a parent.
She is a sensible girl, and knowing that she could speak the language is comforting.
We went days without speaking, but I knew she was only a text away.
She has been to Italy with us, but this was her first trip overseas on her own.
The university was just outside Florence, in a town called Prato.
Close enough to travel to Venice for the weekend, thankyou very much!
I'm so very happy for her, the friends she made and fun she had.
But I'm glad to have her home. Safe and near enough to kiss and hug.
All is right with the world...

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