Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sydney...been there, done that...

Arrived back home 3:00 AM! monday morning. 
Left Sydney straight after show sunday afternoon, and drove all the way back home.
Had a few coffee/caffeine/chocolate stops on the way.
Helped to keep me awake long enough to drive home,
just took two days to recover after that.
We had 2 audio books to listen to.
One on the way to Sydney, one on the way back.
They are the best thing, especially if you pick riveting ones that make 
you want to listen to see what happens!

The paper crafts show went really well. Met lots of new clients,
and lovely to catch up with other exhibitors.
One of the artists there was Linda Baldock, who is not only a lovely
person to talk to, but soooo freaking talented.
 Gorgeous woman with gorgie hair flower...
 Her handmade bum ruffle skirt. Fun and cute...
A crown that she put together. I want one so that 
everyone will know for sure that I am queen...
Whimsical feathered hat...

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