Monday, 24 February 2014

BigBigBig weekend...

This is one of the classes we held the past weekend
at the Scrapbooking and Papercraft expo.
I had Angella Peardon come down from Toowoomba
to teach, and boy, did we have fun!

We had Tracey Farr take a class on how to do amazing
and magical things with the Zing computer cutter.
Thanks Tracey, the clients who attended seemed
to enjoy it and got lots out of it.
Good job!

Angella even babysat a cutie while his mum
was finishing her project.
We go out of our way to make clients comfortable
and happy!

We even served coffee and home made cake.
How surprised were they!

Before work one morning, we stopped at one of our
fave coffee shops.
Love this graffiti on the side wall...

And after work, we took miss Angella to an amazing
coffee/cake shop in Carlton.
Her eyes almost popped out with all the varieties available!

Angella, Denise and Lorraine.
Looking good girls!

So yummmmmyyyyy!

1 comment:

  1. Arrghhh - you did get a pic of me! Thought I had escaped having my pic taken! I had an awesome weekend - thank you for having me on the Skat Katz team xxx


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