Monday, 16 December 2013

My head is spinning...

The 2nd tour starts 28 May 2015, ending 10 June 2015.

I am (pleasantly) surprised at how quickly the tour
was booked out!
I love to hear the enthusiasm of the people who call to ask if there
are still places on the tour.
You really can hear it in their voices!

I had an inkling that this unique and specialized group
of tours would be exactly what some people have been
looking for, I just didn't realise how well it would be received.

People who have never had a passport in their life, especially 50+years olds is astounding to me because they have enough faith in what I do to try it.
And then come back for more!

I have had a few widows who perhaps have always travelled with their partners
and find this a "soft" and comfortable way to get back into exploring the world.
And making new friends!

Friends who have scrapbooking in common and will now travel together.

I love how I am close friends with some of my clients now and are people I
see away from the tours as beautiful, caring friends for life.

Two ladies I only met a year ago and already seem like friends
I have known like, forever!

I just spent a weekend in Port Macquarie celebrating the birthday
of one special lady that I met on my very first trip.

This is one of the reasons that I do what I do.
I had no idea whatsoever where this journey would take me.
I am, still, surprised at peoples reaction to what I do.
I meet new people.
I get to introduce fabulous places to people and see the joy
and enthusiasm on their faces.

Thank you to everyone who makes this journey so fantastically fabulous.
Thank you to those who make life joyful and filled with laughter.

Thank you... 

The 2nd tour to be organised,
which is actually tour 1,
starts 12 May 2015, ending 25 May 2015.
Places still available on this tour.
And don't forget, non scrap bookers are more than welcome and
will receive a discount on the tour pricing

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  1. well done you Lucy, that is fabulous news .... so pleased for you .
    just picked Baden up from another hospital procedure.. he has another one in 6 weeks time ... so far so good, we are tired of seeing surgeons and hospitals ... he is doing well x


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