Saturday, 28 December 2013

Emotional movie...

 Went and saw this today.
If you go to see it, be prepared to be moved from the very beginning of the movie.

This is the real little boy that the movie was based on.
He was taken from his mother adopted by a family
in America, and sent away from his unwed mother.

Judy Dench plays the role of Philomena Lee.
She of course was truly fantastic in the role.
This is a picture of her with the real Philomena.

The story has its humorous moments.
Judy Dench is absolutely amazing in the role.
If you have no knowledge of matters such as this one that really took place,
it will come as a horrible shock.
To see all those young mothers and babies treated as they were is so sad.
The organisation that set these rules certainly has a lot to answer for.

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