Tuesday, 5 November 2013

You excited? I am...


So, I've put out some info about the above scrapbooking retreat location for 2015...

and this is what happened!!!

I've had lotsa lotsa very excited people sign up for more information as it is available.
Freaking me out!
(in a good way)

So, almost all the available places are allocated!
If you would like to be kept in the know with the information,
email me so that I can add you to my 'first to be notified' list...

I am putting together an itinerary with as much info as I can supply so far in advance.

Places, dates, pricing etc and will send out asap.
I will probably be asking for a deposit before the end of this year so that I can confidently go ahead
and book things that need to be booked for a group, such as accommodation.

**there will be a discount for family/friends/partners who want to join the tour but not do the scrapbooking classes...

Since we will be staying in the small, beautiful towns instead of out in the 'no personality burbs',
there is not as much accommodation to choose from that will cater to a larger group.
Staying in the town is much more stunning and amazing as I have discovered.
You walk outside your hotel and there you have restaurants, cafes or sightseeing to
choose from without having to wait for tour bus or take a taxi!

So, lots more info and 'stuff' to come as yet, so keep on watching this space...

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