Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Long way up...

Miss Irena found some new sides to herself on this trip I think.
Way to go girl!

Lots of steps to go...

Someone waaaayyyyy up there!

Reclining Buddha covered in bright orange...

View from the top was pretty spectacular!

Yes, I look hot.
Only because I was!
Then it was time to climb down, and I gotta say,
I was a little a lot scared!
Hubby held my hand TIGHTLY, and all I could look at
were my feet, not the stairs below them.
Hubby took the lead!
(anyone who knows my hubby and his eyesight prob, would laugh at this)
Needless to say, I was glad to get to the bottom.
Kinda proud of myself!

Irena coming down...

Good job!

Naomi hanging on tight, followed by Denise and Kaylene...

Here comes John...

and Sue...

Susan and Bev still up top!

Angella actually takes time to take pics of course!!!

Finally ladies!

All over.
Yay for us!!!

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