Thursday, 24 October 2013

A little excess?

I don't think that was even all of our luggage waiting to be taken away.
Still a couple of cases to come.
Oh boy!

Get to the airport, Miss Angella having to re jig some of her luggage around...

Squeeze it in by sitting on it?

Gotta have a sense of humour when travelling and she certainly does!

Do you think it will stay put?

Susan jumps in to help out...

"Squish some in there, and squash some over here"...

I called out that she should hold a pair of A's undies up.
For photographic and scrapbooking point of interest of course.

Hubby sat down, everyone lumped their luggage around him.
He was the luggage guardian while we went looking for toilets,
food and last minute souvenirs.
Good man!!!

This is the end of my pics of my trip.
Will probably pick some up that I don't have from other click happy people.
I must also say this, I had a ball with this group of people.
Lots of previous clients that I now consider friends, and made some
new friends I hope as well.
People that you deal with mostly for business, are surprisingly totally different
and lovely to get to know all over again in a different way.
It also doesn't matter what age/generation/gender people are,
there is always some level to meet on and impart/learn something from.
I was tired most days, felt like I was melting all of the time,
excited to show people some of the sights that I had found.
I love that about my job.
Travel yes, but laugh and enjoy so much along the way.
And boy, did we laugh!
I think all my regulars know when I need down time from everything,
and I definitely know that people don't always want or need me around.
That's the trick.
As I say to them when things aren't always as expected,
"I make it up as I go along".

I think this is my motto.
And, it suits me fine...

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