Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Truth be told...

I have a confession to make about this LO.
It concerns the "arty" paint section on the top left of the page.
It came about, literally, by accident.
What I was trying to achieve, was a couple of dollops of white paint with a dabber.
What actually happened, was "dabbing" way too hard, and the whole top of the bottle comes off!
White paint EVERYWHERE!
Lots of swearing, and quickly trying to clean it up.
Dabbing, wiping, rubbing, and more swearing.
Took the heat gun to it.
Looked at it.
"I kinda like it" was my next thought.
It sorta matches the aged door look.
So stuck with it.
My "very arty"
(perhaps I should try this technique more often)

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