Friday, 14 June 2013

Real women...

This is me ranting.
About something that women (and prob some men) think about every day.
All the s--t that goes with the thought process about trying to achieve a certain look.
I hate seeing the images that young girls are bombarded with.
All day, every day.
What happened to real women who enjoy and flaunt their real woman shape?
What got me thinking about this topic is that I was on the net and came across these images
of one of the planets most beautiful women.
Sophia Loren...

In all her fabulous glory.
She is probably the size that I am now, except she has biggers ta tas.
Now, she would be considered "largish" or overweight!
And men used to fall over themselves to just stand next to her...

And she seemed so strong and comfortable in her skin...

I can only hope that in the very very near future, it will come full circle and
we can once again rejoice in our feminine form.
And use it well as was intended!!

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