Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Must watch this...

If you are a woman who doesn't like the way you look, are always critical of yourself, and are constantly on the treadmill of trying to "perfect" or "fix" things about yourself, watch this!
If you are a man who would like a little more insight into how womens minds work, watch this!
Women are most definitely our own worst enemies.
We judge other women, while they are judging us.
Probably why there is so many people having health problems concerning their diets, weight, and general happiness.
I'm not saying that we should suddenly not give a crap about how we look, but perhaps we would be a lot less stressed and a lot happier if we didn't think about it quite sooooooo much.
Perhaps reaching 50 gives me insight that I didn't have when I was younger.
I see in my own two girls the effects that this over the top phenomenon of constantly caring about how you look can affect you, physically and mentally.
Hate how this is such an issue in this world.
I watched this video and it made me think about how other people really see me, and not how I think they see me!
Big difference that blew my freaking little mind...

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