Thursday, 28 March 2013

My week...

{Pics from my week}
Gorgeous red hibiscus a bush I was just walking by said hello to me!
Having my hair done is not one of my fave things to do.
Probably because I need to sit there for about 3 hours!
Seems like I need to do it more often than I used to.
Why does that happen?
My youngest daughter, for some reason, decided that she wanted to candle her ears.
Go ahead, says I.
Had to take a pic of course!

Fancy panella sugar and the teeniest bottle of pink salt I have ever seen.
So cute...

Art on the wall.
Of a vintage milkman delivering milk.
Well, it's in a cafe called funny enough, Pint of Milk!
Coffee so fab, creamy and smooooth, had to have 2!
Loved this arty piece of lighting.
Right above my head, black crows (?) made from tyre rubber, holding vintage
milk bottles turned into lights.

That's exactly how I feel!

I think this would have to be one of my fave brekkies.
Walnut bread, toasted.
Mixed mushrooms.
Tallegio cheese.
Delish dressing.
All brought together in a fabulously tasty way.

{one chestnut on fork waiting to be gobbled}

Milkman and his cart in all their glory...

Vintage glass milk bottles all in a row in a vintage bottle holder.
Love em'.
Want em'.

Seats that seem to be made from old tractor seats...

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