Saturday, 19 January 2013

Omaha (1)...

*I pick my wine by the label. Lovin' these funky ones.
*not a complete winter wonderland as I was hoping.
*found me some snow to stand in.
*needed something light, so, fab chicken soup with tortellini did it.
Hubby & his cousin Jim enjoying a little drinky.
He is a darling man who makes us feel right at home.
We went to one of my fave places, the Brass Armadillo.
A huge warehouse of hundreds of booths filled with "stuff".
Most of it antique, but great kitsch as well.
*wishing I could fit into this teeny tiny vintage prom dress.
*vintage coke bottles.
*a glass jar that was used to whip cream. Vintage loveliness.
*lost your marbles? Found them here in jars!
*a vintage adding machine.

    *fashionable lady dolls.
    *jewel coloured salt & pepper shakers.
    *vintage glass christmas ornament in the shape of hyacinth bulbs in a pot.
    *kitschy collection of troll dolls.
    Blast from  the past kitschiness.
    Bring back any memories?

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