Sunday, 2 December 2012

More food photos...

Lots more mushrooms of which I cannot get enough of.
This stall of "inner things" is fascinating and yukky all at once.
I couldn't tell you what everything is, or how to cook it, or even how you would eat it.
I suppose in times gone by, frugality was necessary, and everything was turned into a substancial meal.
Our guide told us about this well known stand at the market that sells a specialty called Bollito.
In Italian this means boiled meats, so much nicer sounding in Italian.
I decided to go and try it, so at 10:30 in the morning some of us lined up to see the man do his thing.
Meat simmered in a tasty broth, cut into fine slices on a crusty bread roll with a choice
of either a mixed herb oil dressing or a red capsicum and chilli dressing.
I chose a little of both.
And you know what, if was amazing!
Tasty, warm, full of flavour and very, very tender.
Definitely a must do...
They line of men waiting for food at this stand flirted a little, and made us laugh a little as well!

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