Thursday, 29 November 2012

While on our walking tour of Rome, we saw these wonderful displays of porcini mushrooms
which were in season, so the restaurants set out the samples to entice.
I had to stop this man carrying this box of huge mushrooms to take a photo.
He was happy to pose and made us laugh with his enthusiasm.
We went back to the street where the displays of porcini mushrooms so that we could sample them.
*a huge platter of simply grilled porcini mushrooms
*thin slices of veal with a delicate sauce made from porcini mushroms
*a simple but tasty antipasto platter
*grilled, tender lamb chops with porcini mushrooms
Everything was delicious and met all our expectations.
We, of course, ate wayyyy too much, but hey, in Rome with good company,
good food, a little wine and all is fabulous!

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