Friday, 30 November 2012

Pompeii (2)...

At the other end of the temple, we saw a statue of Apollo's sister, Diana the huntress.
The columns of marble held together with strips of metal.
It's always amazing the height that the columns of marble were.
How did they do them?
The "statue" is an actual person encased in the volcanic fallout during the eruption.
It shows how this person tried to cover his/her mouth and nose for protection.
The wall shows ancient brick work and then repairs of a different style possibly after the eruption.
Mount Vesuvias in the background.
Ceramic jars possibly for water or oil.
Detailed wall decoration showing how intricate they liked to present their buildings.
This room would have been a communal toilet. For the public. Everybody in one room. Ewwwhhh!
Street signage.
This person is supposedly a young, pregnant slave.
They know she was a slave by the large metal belt around her waist which signifies her status as a slave.

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