Friday, 7 September 2012

My new habits...

I have been on a really, really big health regime lately.
New runners, joined a gym and loving it!
I especially enjoy the spin (cycling) class.
Well, I don't enjoy it during the cycling and sweating and
remembering to breathe.
Most important I have found!
Lots & lots of sweating.
Was not aware I could sweat soooo much!
But once it's done, it's bliss.
That self satisfied, just accomplished feeling.
I am so happy with the relatively easy weight loss
and muscle building of this routine.
I also have a one on one boxing class once a week.
Love it!
Once again, lots of sweat, and grunting.
Very good exercise for you, and Matt (the trainer) is fab.
And encouraging.
And 19!!!!!!
The other photo above is my healthy version of french toast.
Now, I love french toast, but just couldn't bear to think about
the cooking of it in oil/butter.
So, I coated the yummy european style bread in a mix of eggs,
little milk, lots of cinnamon, and fresh orange rind.
Placed the pieces on baking paper, sprinkled with a little brown
sugar, and popped into hot oven.
About 5 minutes later, cooked french toast that is healthy
and really, really crunchy.
Sooooo yummmmmy...
& guilty free snack/breakfast...
Try it! 

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