Friday, 14 September 2012

My day yesterday...

Yesterday started at 4:30 am!!!!
Couldn't sleep, so got up, answered emails, did paperwork, and made bread.
I tried a new recipe with oats and wholemeal flour, you mix in the wet ingredients,
and leave it to rise.

While it was rising, I turned up on the doorstep of one of my girlfriends
(6:45 am by this stage), had tea & toast there,
visited another girlfriend on the way home
(8:00 am by this stage).
Finally made it home and put bread into oven to cook.
By the time bread is ready, I am dressed & ready to to go
to my boxing class.
Come home hot & bothered, but energised.
In the afternoon, it was time to get ready for a special event.
My oldest daughter graduated from university.
It's been a long voyage for her, for us, but she did it!
She had to defer for a year & a half, but she is a determined
young woman, and never that she would graduate.
Her newly minted fiancee attended, and he was
just as proud as us at her achievements.
Oh happy days!..

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