Saturday, 7 July 2012

Really, wtf...

We have travelled quite a lot the last few years.
I think we are patient travellers, as you need to be, and open to whatever may come along.
Love the unexpected good stuff that may come our way, and hopefully deal
with the crap in a manner that does us justice.

Now I know this will sound like I may be ranting, but I need to get some of
this "stuff" out and then move on.
I have to say that Paris is one of our favourite cities to visit.
Romantic, so much character, charm and history.
Most people we dealt with were very helpful, especially when I
try communicating in my mix of french/italian.
I don't mind being corrected, in fact, I will usually ask as to how to say
the words in the proper way.

The metro (train line) is fantastic, especially once you work out how
to use it, it is amazingly efficient and fast.
But I gotta say some of the people who work at the stations, supposedly to
give assistance and directions are not that helpful.
And no, pointing with a limp fish arm is not useful at all.
But thanks anyway!
The other thing that I have always been very aware of is the pickpockets.
I believe that if you don't act like a vulnerable tourist, you should be okay.
Also, many store people and waiters would tell us to be very vigilante
for the sleazy people hanging around and to keep an eye on our bags and pockets.

Well, I must say our last day in Paris was spoilt by some d***h***.
In fact, we were on the train heading to the airport.
We were standing up by the doors, hubby had backpack on, and we were talking
to an aussie couple that we met on that train, going to the airport as well.
I took a bottle of water out of the backpack, had a drink, and decided to put it back.
As I did that, I noticed that the main zip was open on the backpack, and I was
wondering why as I didn't take the bottle out of there!
I noticed the man standing next to hubby had a plastic bag of sorts held to his chest,
and sticking from behind it was the cover of my laptop!
Not hard to recognise at all, as I made it myself.
I looked at his face, and grabbed my laptop from behind the bag, and told him
in no uncertain words where he should go!
He stood there, looking at me, and shaking his head as if trying to say he
didn't do anything wrong!!!!
The worst part was that the aussie woman that we were talking to, was looking
directly at hubby the whole time and didn't see anything, and hubby didn't
feel the bag being open either!

There were 2 other men standing there as well, and we're not sure if they were all
together, helping out.
I realised later that I probably should not have shown some anger at him, as
you can't know what they may be capable of.
I was thinking that I would have been compensated for the laptop, but
would have been mighty upset with all the photos of the trip on it.

They actually had the nerve to stand there until the next stop, and didn't have
the decency to at least move down to the next carriage, away from us.

When he/they got off the train, he turned and yelled obscenities at me, but
I was still in shock and disappointement from the experience.
Other travellers around us were livid and totally shocked by the brazen
stunt also, as most of them had also being travellers who have heard the same
travel tips, and we all felt that you just need to be super vigilant.

I would advice people to carry a backpack in front of them in crowded areas
such as the trains.
I always carry my handbag slung across my body,  not just on my shoulder.

I at least have my photos, and for that I am truly grateful.
It would have really spoilt my holiday, but we are both okay and
live to tell  the tale, and to warn others.

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  1. Hi Lucy, what a horrible experience !! Thanks for the warning...we're headed to Paris in December so will be wary of crowds, back-packs and bags. It'll be cold by then so I'll have every thing under my coat, so they'll have to get that off me first lol. Glad you are ok and nothing lost. Good on you for grabbing your laptop back, instinct just kicked in, but I know what you mean about people being desperate and not knowing what they are capable of when confronted. Enjoy the rest of your trip, loving your photos.


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