Thursday, 26 July 2012

Here come the ladies...

Are you an avid follower of Downton Abbey?
I especially love to see the evolving characters and the costumes they wear.
The whole pomp and ceremony of the household, and what it takes to run it.
It's quite amazing to catch a glimpse of how the upstairs and downstairs
people work and live together.
The very clear lines of who does what, and no veering from that role.

It must have been quite constricting and stifling, especially for the women.
The rich girls were expected to marry the right man, and no matter for love.
The servant girls had no option but to marry someone at their level, and so, not
be given the chance to better themselves.

The series is very well scripted and the characters are so realistic.
I especially love the brash and quick with a dry reply character of
the Dowager, Lady Grantham, played by the fabulous Maggie Smith.

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