Tuesday, 3 July 2012

& the food (of course)...

I had read about this market off the main street in Barcelona,
and we had some time on our last day so decided to visit.

So happy that we did!
Anyone who knows me or reads this blog, will know that
I am a dedicated foodie.
Discovering this little part of the city put into food
and photo heaven.

There is delicious food on sticks, walk and munch...

Enticing fruit, ready to devour...

We each tried a different fresh juice.

I'm sure they will be delicious, once they're cooked.
But for now these poor lobsters were trying to get away.

These oysters were the size of my hand.

I think these are called razor fish?

It's all about the presentation baby, and here,
they do it with style...

Sea snails?

Another variety of sea snails I'm thinking?

Huge chunks of tuna ready to go...

I had no idea there could be so many varieties of "shrimp for the barbie"
The seafood section of the market blew my mind away.
Probably, at a guess, 50-60 stalls, in a large circle, all selling seafood of all
imaginable variety.

Bacalao, or dried cod.
I love it when my mum cooks it.

Fresh and colourful spices ready to enhance any dish.
A palette of culinary art.

Paper cones of spanish "munchies".
Sausage, salami, cheese.

Salami encrusted with chunky black pepper.

Dragon fruit, ready to eat.

What flavour icy pole would you pick?

Chillies aplenty to spice up your dishes.

The yukky innards counter.
I know some people enjoy this stuff, but personally, no way!

Up until discovering this tapas bar in the market, I had sort of been a little
disappointed, considering what I had read about it.
Well, this casual but very busy bar, where we had to wait for seats, was what
I had hoped to discover and sample.

It had been a long, hot day, and I probably could have done without the meal.
But the food. It was calling out to me to be tried.
I'm so glad that we did.

We tried tasty chorizo sausage bites, a fresh tomato salad,
and these little tiny green peppers, which a fried whole very quickly,
and then sprinkled with salt.
Accompanied by crusty bread to soak it all up, and ice cold beer,
nothing could be better.
I finally tasted real spanish food.

Nothing left but the memories...

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