Saturday, 21 July 2012

Amazing Grace...

We all need a little faith sometimes, and in some sort of way, we all say a prayer sometimes.
In our heads perhaps, or in a whisper so that those around us don't hear.
Out of habit, I know that when I arrive back from a journey, whether it's a long trip
or a quick one to the supermarket, I say thank you as I drive into my driveway.
Not sure, but it feels right.
I feel as though I was watched over in my trip, and made it home safe.
I am always grateful at the end of the day when my 3 adult babies are 
tucked into their beds, safe and sound.
I remember thinking to myself when they were very young, that they
go to bed, feeling safe and protected from the world.
Mum and dad in the house to look after them, and their world felt good.
I wonder if they still think that? 
Is their home a safe place for them in this world?
Do they appreciate driving into our driveway as I do?
Must ask them.
Hope so...

Found this artist who makes these amazing bracelets and cuffs from antique pieces.
Mainly religious in form, I love how she has combined leather with delicate elements.
She has made some from metal furniture decorations.
Love the one off boots as well.
I'm thinking you would stride with confidence in those.

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