Friday, 1 June 2012

Boring would be good...

Yesterday spent 6 hours with my son, needing to go to the docks and pick up
pallets of stock.
Waited 2 hours sitting in the ute, for the trucks to move along.
Really dock workers, slow as a wet week. So tiresome!
Son not impressed as you can imagine.

And to top the day off, about to plant myself in a comfy armchair last night, with tv junk,
one of my sons friend rang to say he had hurt his ankle at soccer and they
had taken him to hospital emergency.
Took myself off there, found him in wheelchair with ankle size of watermelon.
4 hours later, after xray and part cast and fully bandaged, we head home.
Only midnight by this stage.
Off to bed for both of us, him with painkillers, me no painkillers.
Needed to take him off to docs today, looks like ligament damage.
Lots of painkillers and hobbling around on crutches for next few days.

And to top off the afternoon, received phone call from someone who apparently
had been followed home by our dog, who found a way out of the backyard.
Clever boy! Not!
Found their house, took him off the lead they had put on him.
He was very excited to see me however, even with my stern look on my face.
He ran straight over to my car, sat by the passenger door and looked at me,
as though to say "I've had enough adventure now, can we go home already?".

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  1. love the way you write Lucy .... so amusing although you must have been pretty annoyed with the goings on on that day .... tomorrow will be a better day hoping ???? I sent my journal off on Monday .. Linda is sick with the flu so she has not posted hers to me yet ... will do as soon as she is well again xoxox


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