Monday, 21 May 2012


3 nights ago I was woken up by a noise outside our bedroom.
1am, hubby still not in bed. Not unusual.
There is one sheep and one goat in the paddock next door.
Sounded like the sheep was in pain.
Maybe not. So I got up and went to the front door.
Went outside, heard moaning like someone was in pain.
Heart racing by now.
Someone shouts "help me".
Sounds (to me) like my son.
Had visions of him having fallen and lying there in pain.
I start yelling out his name.
Heart not in good place. Beating away.
Someone yells back that it's not my son.
WTF! & in complete darkness.
Hubby comes out, says he will call police.
We go back in, I see all 3 kids had been in bed (thankyou Lord).
Man outside starts screaming obscenities and threats.
Feeling a bit sick by now.
We call police.
Turn out kitchen light, we can see outside.
Doggy barking like mad (what a brave boy).
Voice still screaming but moving along the fence line.
Police arrive, check outside, find drunk man who was looking for his bag!
They'd  had reports, apparently, of drunk person trying to walk across main road.
Police leave, thankyou brave boys.
Kids back to bed after much patting and many "good boy" to doggy.
I need a hug from hubby and find myself in tears.
Need a cup of tea and read for a while to get back to sleep.
Next day, need a long sleep in.
Kids sort of couldn't understand why I was hyperventilating and panicking.
I explained that, to me, the voice sounded like my son at first.
My friends son in hospital at the moment, made me think that my son was out there hurt.
I know. Put it down to hormones, being woken at 1am, imagination or whatever.
I thought my son was hurt, so I couldn't breathe.
Crying later was for relief.
And for our friends and what they must be going through.

Some good news about Adam in hospital.
He came out of the coma a few days ago.
All body movement seems to be fine.
No way of knowing anything else at the moment.
Way to go yet for Adam.
And his family...

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