Monday, 9 April 2012

Special project...

For the wedding in the last post, my friend asked if I would set up a special
memory table from photos of past family weddings.
Both sides of the families supplied the beautiful photos.
Parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc.
I used leftover fabric from the bridesmaids dresses.
My friend had a hand crocheted doily from her mother,
and a hand woven and embroidered cloth of her grandmothers.
I used old books that were covered in beautiful papers or left 
bare in all their aged glory.
Also, cut lots of butterflies, sewn together draped everywhere.
Both the bride and her mother love butterflies.
Pieces of vintage lace and ribbons added to the feel.
And lastly, large tags that I distressed and on
which I wrote quotes and poetry about marriage.
I was pleased with the result, and I know that they were as well.
Guests commented to them about the table, and I think some
had never seen some of the family photos before.
Love how family photos bring memories, stories and people together...

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