Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Circle Journal...

I am almost finished putting a circle journal together.
What's a circle journal you may ask?
Well, I have gathered 8 very talented artists from around Australia,
who all seemed really happy to be included in this.
Being the instigator of this project, I am putting together the 
9 journals (one for myself).
I will send one to each of the artists in the circle.
We will have a topic which I chose, and each of them will be able
 to interpret the topic as it applies to them.
You are allocated a certain amount of pages that need to be completed.
You can use almost any medium, paint, paper, fabric, sewing etc.
Good chance to go wild and express yourself in your own style.
When you have finished, you mail it to the next person on the list. 
You don't have to do exactly the same work in each journal.
Eventually, in our case in 9 months, the last journal that you 
receive you get to keep!
One artistically filled journal, made by different artists and their
interpretation of the topic.
Never having worked on one before, I am very excited to see 
how everyone reacts to the journals I have made, but to 
also see the next journal each month.
Will keep you posted with photos as we go along...

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