Monday, 2 January 2012

Little hot here!...

Well, Christmas is over and it was wonderful.
New Years is over and it was good fun.
We've had two weddings, one on each of the past Fridays!
They were both great days of celebration.
Brides were lucky with fantastic weather before this heat hit.
Both brides glowed and looked stunning.
We danced our socks off, caught up with family and friends.
But yesterday and today the sun is fierce, and making me hide inside.
We have American cousins visiting for the wedding, so today we
plan to meet them in Carlton and have some Italian food with them.
They will stay the night with us, and then off to Queenscliff ferry tomorrow headed for Sorrento.
Hoping a little less sun out tomorrow so we can enjoy the scenery sitting outside, catching up with them and sipping on a latte.

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