Monday, 24 October 2011

Good to be here...

Arrived yesterday morning.
We were meant to arrive in afternoon, but we
arrived in Saigon to discover that our flight was delayed.
So instead of 3 hours at the airport, we would have had to wait 4 hours!
If you have ever been to Saigon airport, you will know that 4 hours here
would feel like a looooooonnnnng time. Not much happening there.
So, I took myself off to the check in counter, and told a teeny tiny white lie.
Yes I did! (my bad)
I kinda explained that since the flight was delayed, I would be late for  my business meeting.
And, as there was a flight leaving in about 45 minutes, could they put us on it instead.
They did!
 At no extra charge, which originally said could not be done.
Thankyou Vietnam airlines.
We arrived at our accommodation with extra time to spend on our "meeting"!
I was especially grateful to arrive, as by this time it was almost midday,
and our flight had left Melbourne at 2:00am!!
Not much time for sleeping on plane, as we a quick stop in Brunei, then onto
Saigon, and finally Danang.

Some of the staff that I know at the Riverside Resort were on duty,
and were surprised to see me again.
They made me feel very welcome.

Quick lunch, and off to town to check out a tailor. (will post photos later)
Felt energy running out very quickly, headed back to resort for cooling off in fab pool.
Almost fell asleep by pool side!

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