Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lots happening...

Well, as the post title says, lots happened over the last few days.

Wednesday, which was the 24th, Fred and I celebrated 26 years of "most of the time wedded bliss".
Hey, if I can't be truthful after all this time, when should I be?
Anyone married for a while, and no longer in the honeymoon period, will understand exactly what it's like.
I love the man like crazy, and I know he says the same about me, just some days are easier than others.

We went for dinner to a restaurant that was recommended to us.
Akita in North Melbourne. Fabulous japanese cuisine. Tried sushimi (raw fish) and loved it!
We didn't choose off the menu, and let the chef send whatever, and we were pleasantly  surprised.
Deep fried oysters in seaweed coating, vegetable and prawn tempura. All delicious and light.
On our list of restaurants to visit again.

Yesterday was my birthday. Yay! Last year in my 40s, so started a new journal where I will take a photo every  day, and journal about that particular day.
Should be interesting to look back on in years ahead.
Spent the day playing with a new project at the paper craft show.

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