Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's really not funny......

 It's 12:21AM! And I need to get up at 4:00AM.
Why do the creative juices start flowing at the most stupid times?
I need to take my in-laws to the airport, so that's why the early get up. 
Normally I would be tempted to go back home and get back into my probably still warm bed.
But I have organised to meet girlfriends in the city for brunch. 
Not so good with the scheduling am I?
Maybe I can catch a nana nap in the afternoon.
So we get to the airport, drop off inlaws, say goodbye, off we go. 
Plans of hot coffee and croissant in head. Yummy! 
Phone rings. Can't be good, can it? 
Inlaws calling, flight cancelled so can we pick them up as next flight at 12:00PM!
Go back, pick them up, head home. 
No coffee. No croissant. 
Arrange to pick them up at 10:00am, drive back to airport.
6:00am by this time. 
Jump into bed, trackies and all, set alarm for 9:00. 
Get up at 9, girlfriend arrives, we drive them to airport, making sure that flight is all good. 
It is! Head into city for much needed coffee and catchup with girls. 
Oh, and buy new shoes/boots with wool top.
Well, I think I deserve them after the morning I had, and that's my story.

Saw these divine mannequins on the web, thought you might like a lookie as well...

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